To put it simply, habit is a behaviour that we start as a choice and then it tends to become a subconscious occurrence. However, habit is more than just an activity that you do. Habits tend to define you as a person and form the foundation of your life. 

Now the question that comes to mind is, why do we need a good habit? 

Habit is a part of who you are and plays a very important role in your life. It helps you destress, stay focused, and even help you achieve your goals by shaping your everyday actions. Let’s say you wish to become a marathon runner, it’s not something that you can achieve overnight. When you start to run every day and make it a habit, slowly but steadily it will take you closer to your goal.  

Here are a few tips on how you can form a good habit and make it stick: 


Start Simple 

Starting simple is the key to bringing anything new into your life. Take some time and go back to the things you used to enjoy when you were younger. Try everything you used to do back then and see what you enjoy the most. Don’t start with something extremely new because it’s easy to stay motivated in the beginning but it’ll go away just as quickly.  

Focus on Building A Routine

Once you find an activity, incorporate it into your schedule. Allot a time of your day to your habit because it’s easy to forget or postpone things when you already have a busy schedule. For example, you choose working out as a habit, then fix an hour of your day that’s entirely dedicated to working out.   

Stay Consistent 

Consistency is the key to making anything stick in your life, and the rule is the same for forming a good habit. Don’t let “I’ll do it tomorrow” take over your mind. For example, if you’re starting to go to the gym, do it at the same time, at the same place every day for at least a month, and then with time it will start to become a subconscious occurrence in your life.  

Partner Up

The easiest way to make a habit stick is to have a partner in crime. When you have a friend or family that you can partner up with, your habit will seem less likely a chore and more of a fun time, which is what it should be. Also having a partner will help you stay motivated for a longer time.

Give Yourself Some Time

Nothing happens overnight, achieving goals takes time. Don’t beat yourself up for not seeing results immediately, if you do so you’ll start to lose motivation very quickly. Habit formation is a long-term process because your body and mind will need some time to get adapted to the new habit.