Best Marriage Counselor in Pune


Counselling is a process that facilitates better personal and interpersonal understanding & functioning. It relates to issues of life from childhood to old age focusing on emotional, intellectual, social, vocational, and health-related development. It has the following major components:


A better understanding of self and the world around.

Less distress & better adjustment through more effective coping skills.

Realization of self-potential & better quality of life through more effective functioning.


Counseling is of multiple types, whether the issues are personal or those in any type of relationship will decide the type of counseling one needs. Let’s start with marriage counselling, one of the most common relationships where people seek the professional help of our best marriage counselor in Pune or couple counselling in pune to resolve the issues and live a better life with healthy relational dynamics.

 Marriage Counselling
Married couples often stumble across a very common and important question – “Do We Need Marriage Counseling?”, and the answer to this question is equally simple.

No matter how strong the connection between two people is, all relationships have ups and downs, and sometimes it can be hard to know the difference between a passing rough patch or a more serious situation that isn’t going to change on its own.

Oftentimes, we don’t go into a relationship with the tools and the knowledge of how to manage the challenges, which is where the pros come in. And by pros, we mean a marriage counselor who can help you learn new ways of relating to your partner, and you’ll find some of the best marriage counselors in Pune in the team of Mind Ocean.

Marriage Counselling In Pune

At Mind Ocean Wellness our team of best marriage counselors in Pune, specializing in relationships and know-how to help you “tend the garden” of joyful partnership. Whether we’re working with you in Marriage Counseling or Couples Therapy to repair your bond our approach is positive and effective. Being among the esteemed marriage counselors in Pune, we can teach you how to turn your conflict into a connection, create a positive new chapter in your marriage, and take your relationship to the next level of strength and intimacy.

The marriage counselling sessions our team of best marriage counselors in Pune provides you with a safe platform that allows you to discuss & explore yourself and your life in an atmosphere of privacy, trust, respect, and warmth along with the psychological expertise of the counselor. It provides an opportunity to vent out your feelings, to explore your positive & negative aspects, to discuss problems, and to explore better options without any threat of being judged or ridiculed.

But how do you figure out “When do you need marriage counselling”. Most people believe that marriage counseling is for couples who are on the verge of separation or divorce but that’s not true. A couple should seek professional help as soon as they sense trouble in their relationship. Here are some trigger points and behaviors identified by our team of best marriage counselors in Pune, that are signs you may need help:


Communication has become negative. Negative communication can include anything that leaves one partner feeling depressed, insecure, disregarded, or wanting to withdraw from the conversation. This can also include the tone of the conversation. It is important to remember that it’s not always what you say, but how you say it. You can contact us for couple counselling in pune.

Benefits of Marriage Counselling


Marriage is not rocket science, but it takes a lot of effort to make a marriage work. Divorce is not the ultimate solution to save your marriage; sometimes, marriage counselling in Pune helps you to save your marriage. Many couples consider counselling is a waste of time and money. They often feel like no third person can save their marriage from falling apart. But professional marriage counselling in Pune can help you to find the cause of the dispute with your partner. Check out how beneficial marriage counselling is while you and your partner are on the verge of separation.

• The best marriage counselor in Pune helps you to confront problems. Many couples ignore and keep silent about the things hurting them and their marriage. But confrontation is important to resolve the dispute. The counsellor will guide you to resolve the dispute after confronting problems together.

• Our relatives often offer biased advice when it’s about offering solutions or advice about separation. A marriage counsellor in Pune offers you unbiased advice without judging either of you. The counsellor will offer you a practical approach to solve the marriage problems and will tell you if divorce is the last option.

• Marriage is the responsibility of two people. The couple during flights often held each other responsible for the shortcomings and denied to be equally accountable for the conflicts. Marriage counsellor advises them how to be responsible, for their actions and keep ego aside to save their marriage.

• A marriage counsellor provides you with a whole new perspective to look towards the core problem of the conflicts among couples. A different perspective gives a third angle to think and work on the problems.

• Winning a fight from your partner is not the solution to your broken marriage. Winning arguments or fights are not the goal of a successful marriage. Marriage counselling is like self-discovery and you need to set up with a few things to make your marriage work. The marriage counselor in Pune will guide and support you to find the core reason that your marriage is not working. Successful marriage demands two people to work together to achieve one goal. For many couples, separation has become the ultimate solution to a broken marriage. But many things can be resolved, by communicating and confronting conflicts. We are providing the best marriage counselling in Pune to save two people from falling apart due to misunderstandings.

Get your relationship back on track today. At Mind Ocean wellness our marriage counselors will help you grow back together again.


Do we need marriage counseling?
Most of the couples ask this question and come to the conclusion that the difficult time is just a rough patch or due to stress but when the rough patch never ends and you’re stuck in negative patterns then talking to a professional could save your relationship. 
When is the right time to go for marriage counseling?
Don’t wait for your relationship to completely fall apart, even if you’re having small arguments regularly could mean you’re stuck in negative patterns and our team of best marriage counselors in Pune can help you break those patterns.
How long should marriage counseling take?
Marriage counseling sessions with our best marriage counselors in Pune are strategic and focused on problem-solving, and there’s no specific time limit. However, most couples notice a difference in just a few sessions. 
Can we do marriage counseling online?
Yes, you can take the marriage counseling sessions with our team of best marriage counselors in Pune online.
Does taking marriage counseling mean our relationship is in trouble?
No, this is just a taboo associated with counseling. Taking marriage counseling means both parties are willing to work on their problem and create a better relationship for each other.