Student Parent Teacher Awareness

We design programs to fuel the mental wellness of children in the most challenging years of their growing up lives. It takes into consideration 2 most influential factors that contribute largely to shaping their mindsets and personalities, “The Parents and Teachers.” In the initial year’s parents play a huge role in the child’s experiential world. A child like a sponge keeps absorbing everything that is been thrown to him without any discretion. This slowly makes them lose their natural essence and intelligence they have been born with. Exploration of self is thus, taken over by compulsive ways, which, a Parent unknowingly exercises. Keeping in mind different roles that are played by both the parent and child customized workshops are designed for both groups to make the process of enjoyable and beneficial for both. A more mindful way of upbringing the child becomes possible by providing a deliberate, mindful and a more conducive atmosphere through awareness. Every teacher is a counselor is what we believe at Mind Ocean as she influences a child in the most critical way. A teacher holds the child in a way that helps him/her to realize his own potential. Thus, helping teachers realize their changing role in the changing scene of academics making their contribution in the most definitive way with the right parental support.