Relationship Counselling In Pune


Relationships are the most enjoyable experiences of human life. There are various relationships that we share with different people mainly, spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues, etc. These relationships are meant to enhance our life and growth. But the challenges do arise especially when the person is trying to fulfill one’s void or unfulfilled desires through the relationships that they are in.

Relationship counselling, also called couples therapy or couples’ counseling, is a type of psychotherapy. This type of counseling helps couples of all types to explore, recognize, and resolve conflicts to improve their relationships and interactions. Through counseling, the relationship counselling team in Pune can provide you with the tools to make thoughtful and intentional decisions about your relationship.

Our team of relationship counselling in Pune focuses on the relationship that the participant is trying to work on, helping them identify the reason for the conflict. Identification of the void and then working on them with the help of various techniques.

The name might feel synonymous but relationship counselling and marriage counselling are actually not the same things. While marriage counseling is just for married couples, relationship counselling is for any two people who are cohabiting together. Whether you’re an LGBTQ+ couple, people in a non-monogamous relationship, siblings with family issues, or even business partners, anyone can benefit from our team of relationship counseling in Pune.

When working with a relationship counselor, you and your partner can explore the bigger picture of your relationship and individual interactions. Mind Ocean’s team of best relationship counselors in Pune will provide you with a safe space to explore the patterns of both your individual and couple behavior, as well as find ways to be more conscious of your actions and decisions.

Relationship Counselling
Relationship Counselling in pune

Benefits of Relationship Counselling


Sometimes small arguments and disagreements can affect your relationship with your family members/friends. Relationship counselling is not only for the couple anyone can try it with your loved ones to build a strong relationship. Relationship counselling in Pune helps you to find the best solution that eliminates the distress in the relationship. Read the few benefits of relationship counselling to maintain a healthy relationship with your loved ones:

• Trust and communication are the foundation of a healthy relationship. Many people assume that communication can lead to bigger conflicts. But the relationship counselling in Pune teaches you how to communicate with your loved one during any situation. Honest communication often helps us to understand each other.

• Relationship counselling enhances the relationship and improves the bond. Not all families or relationships are perfect. We need to make it by putting in the effort. The relationship counsellor guides you on how to express your feelings to build strong bonds. Also, it helps you to improve the quality of your relationship with your partner.

• It is easy to commit, but keeping your commitment is quite tough. And in many relationship commitment, becomes the problem. Relationship counselling in Pune helps both members to voice their concern and fear about the failure of the relationship. The counsellor helps you to understand the expectations of other people. With the help of a counsellor, both people settle on the common ground and agree to fulfil their commitments.

• If a person doesn’t have better self-understanding, they are less likely to understand others. Individuals with low self-esteem are vulnerable to peer pressure and suffer from interpersonal issues. Relationship counselling boosts the self-esteem of an individual. Self-esteem helps you to have a positive outlook towards life. The couple who takes relationship counselling has high self-esteem and confidence in their partners.

• Every relationship counsellor strives to achieve good mental and physical health in each individual through addressing relationship issues. Ignoring problems is not the solution; addressing problems and resolving them helps you to achieve a healthy relationship with an individual. Relationship counsellors guide you to be mentally and physically healthy so you can think about your relationship with your family members or your partner with a positive mindset.

• As an elder, you set an example for your kids to carry a healthy relationship with all the family members. Relationship counselling guides you to build a happy family and marriage. Conflicts are part of any relationship, but acknowledging them and taking a required step to solving them is necessary too.

However, relationship counselling in Pune works to help you in building strong relationships with your family. To avoid conflict, we often do not address the problem, and it starts building negative thoughts in our mind. The relationship counsellor advises you; on how to address the conflicts and resolve them without losing that strong bond with an individual.



How can someone outside my relationship help me?
Couples who’ve been together for a long time start to operate in the same patterns without realizing them. The fresh perspective of a neutral third party (the therapist) can help to identify those patterns.
How does talking to a therapist help more than talking to friends or family?
Mind Ocean’s team of relationship counseling in Pune are among the best and are trained professionals equipped with the tools and knowledge to help your relationship out of destructive patterns.
Therapy is a long-term process, will it take years for our relationship too?
Every couple is different and that sets the pace of their progress. However, most couples notice a difference with just a few sessions when working with our team of best relationship counselors in Pune.
Will the sessions be solo or as couples?
This depends on the type of relationship, the severity of the problems, and the preference of the couples. However, with our marriage counselors in Pune, most sessions are conducted together with a few separately.  
What if therapy makes our relationship worse?
People don’t like talking about their problems which is why the idea of talking to a marriage counselor scares them about making things worse. But in order to move ahead with the problem, it’s important to talk about it and our team of marriage counselors in Pune can help make your relationship better.