Relationships are like Indian cuisine, sweet, bitter, and spicy. All couples face tough times in their relationship, but it is necessary to resolve the problem if you want to continue your relationship with your partner. Common mistakes couples make during a conflict like not listening, arguing, blaming, and simply assuming, make your relationship even harder and lead you towards the end of the relationship. Whether it’s a relationship or marriage, both demand time and understanding. If you expect everything to be happy and colourful in a relationship, it is not possible, however, it’s important to learn how to resolve your problems quickly and efficiently for a better life.

Here are the few common mistakes couples make during the conflict and try to ignore them as much as possible. If you and your partner are going through a rough patch and other things do not seem to be working, it’s very normal to seek professional help without feeling any shame from experts like our team of couple counselling in Pune.

Discussing Important Things Over Text

According to our team of the best marriage counselor in Pune, many couples bring important things over text instead of discussing them in person. Sometimes, partners get too comfortable in the relationship and forget about the few basic rules of a healthy relationship. Bringing problems over text is the worst mistake couples can do, in their relationship.

Misunderstanding arises when things are discussed over text. There is no voice tone or expression; your partner may misunderstand your intention and your relationship can end up on the verge of breaking. If you’re going through a rough patch, hold yourself back from texting and discuss your problems face to face.

However, if you are facing a problem to confront your feelings face to face with your partner, you can seek the support of the best marriage counsellor in Pune.

Assuming Things About Each Other

 According to the marriage counselor in Pune, sometimes partners don’t talk and simply assume the things that their partner might want from them. For example, your partner is upset and wants a little space from you. But neither of you communicated this and you assume that your partner wants you to do something special for them, which will not work in your favour as your partner didn’t want that. Assuming your partner’s needs can make the situation worse.

Obviously, you and your partner are human. They might not understand your indication, the least you should do is try to talk to each other about the issue you are facing in the relationship. If you both are facing problems confronting each other, you can seek professional help and go for the couple counselling in Pune together to make your relationship better,

Being Defensive And Playing Blame Game

Common mistakes couples do during the conflict are being defensive and playing blame games. Some people never look at their partner’s complaints with an objective eye and never acknowledge that they can be wrong.

And sometimes, people use the path of blaming and criticizing their partner for the conflict. They don’t want to acknowledge their mistake and avoid credibility at all costs which is a major mistake people make which can lead their relationship towards failure. If you are dealing with such problems in your married life, it’s a smart choice to seek the help of professionals like our team of best marriage counsellors in Pune.