Gratitude can be simply defined as acknowledging and being appreciative of something in our life, tangible or intangible. Gratitude is very important because it keeps us tethered to reality. It reminds us of the connection we have with the world outside of us. It’s important to practice gratitude every day because even in the darkest moments of our lives it helps us find the good things that are still with us. Read further to find out how to be grateful and how it will help you in your everyday life: 

Pause and Look Around Yourself

It’s easier to lose yourself in complaints and regrets. When we look around we usually notice those who have more than us, and we tend to ignore those who are not even lucky enough to have what we’re blessed with. This is the easiest way to practice gratitude. Look around yourself and observe all types of people, those who possess more than you and those who don’t. Then analyze where you stand between them. 

Also, don’t just look for materialistic things, be grateful for the people you have. Pause to notice who you have and how these people contribute to your life. You don’t need multiple people, just one person to be grateful for is enough.  

Look Towards Yourself

Once you learn how to be thankful for the people around you, the next step is to look towards yourself. It’s easier to notice the negativities but take your time finding out the positive aspects of yourself. 

Analyze your life journey so far, see how you’ve grown as a person. It’s ok if some regrets come to your mind, just be thankful for everything you’ve done and achieved so far, and with that positive attitude, you’d find it easier to move ahead in life.  

Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal 

Another easy way to practice gratitude is to keep a gratitude journal. Every day when you wake up, or before you go to sleep, take a few minutes to yourself and think about everything you’re grateful for. It could be the smallest things that bring you joy. Do this consistently for a month or more and you’ll notice the difference in your mood and energy.  

Write A Letter To Thank Someone You’re Grateful For

Realizing gratitude for people in your life is the first step, next is to let them know that you’re thankful for them and why. Doing so not only will help but will also make them happy, and when you spread positivity you’ll find it reflecting in yourself.

So, do this small gesture for your loved ones. Write them a letter thanking them for everything they do for you. 

Enjoy Nature’s Beauty

Sometimes it gets very difficult to find gratitude in your life, in such moments you can always fall back to mother nature. Go outside your house and sit with nature for a few moments. Absorb its beauty and appreciate it. Feel the warmth of the sun, breathe in the fresh air, feel the cold grass under your feet, or just gaze up at the moon. This is the easiest way to practice gratitude and it works wonders to make you feel good.  

You don’t have to go out of your way to practice gratitude, being thankful for the simplest things in your life could help you feel better and live a happier life. So, every day take some time out to list out things or people you’re grateful for, and every once in a while let them know of your gratitude towards them.