We’re so consumed with our day to day lives that taking care of ourselves doesn’t cross our minds until we’re sick, but that’s not a healthy attitude, self care should be a regular part of our routine.

Self-care could be an elaborate trip you plan for yourself, or it could be the small things that could easily be a part of your everyday life and helps you stay mentally and physically healthy. Here are a few things you can do at home, with very little effort but great impact:  

Social Life Over Social Media 

An amazing way to stay emotionally strong and resilient is by staying connected to your community, and no, having a thousand friends on social media doesn’t help. You don’t need to have a big circle, just a small circle of friends and family who are like-minded people, where you can share your thoughts without the fear of judgment will help your mental wellbeing. 

So put down your phone every once in a while and meet with your friends and maintain your social life. Having a good time will lift your mood and make you feel good. 

Regular Exercise

 We all know regular exercise is important for our health yet we neglect its importance. But consider regular exercise for your physical and mental well being, even if it’s for twenty minutes every day, or light stretching. Exercise reduces stress and promotes serotonin production, the happy hormone which elevates your mood and makes you feel good.

Not only that, when you’re physically fit, you’re more confident about yourself which makes a big difference for your mental wellbeing. We’re not asking you to go to the gym regularly, choose what you like. If you pick something you don’t enjoy, it’ll seem like a chore and won’t make you happy. Exercise could be in any form you enjoy like dancing, yoga, jogging, walking, cycling and so much more     


Research shows that meditation helps with mental health. Start slow, with a few minutes every day, and then increase the time at your own pace and you’ll notice the difference very soon. 

Meditation helps to improve your focus and align your mind and energy. It not only makes you calm but also promotes both mental and physical health. It might be difficult to start with, but once you start feeling it’s benefits, it’ll be easier to make it a habit and a regular part of your schedule. 

Cook for Yourself 

The whole process of cooking is very therapeutic and helps to reduce stress, and you end up with a satisfying healthy meal. You might not have time to cook every day but you should try to cook at least once a week for yourself and give yourself a break from processed or outside food. 

A balanced diet plays a significant role in your mental wellbeing, so when you cook a healthy meal, you’re checking in that box of self-care as well. 


Getting organized could be your first step towards a healthier you. A cluttered space impacts your mental health negatively, it adds to your stress and anxiety. So, organize your space to feel a little more relaxed. Something as simple as organizing your email can make you feel good. You can also get a planner to bring more organization into your day to day life and have better control over your life. 

6 to 8 Hour of Sound Sleep 

Sleeping is the time when your body heals and recovers from everything you put in throughout the day, both physically and mentally. So, you need to get the proper 8-hour sleep every night. It’s called beauty sleep but it serves a lot more than just that. 

 The simplest of things that make you happy could be a self-care tip, you just have to learn to take time out for yourself and keep your mental health in check.