The pandemic brought us so much loss that we couldn’t wait for it to be over. It’s not completely over yet, but we’re definitely making some progress and trying to move ahead. But, the optimistic in us want to see the silver lining of this dark cloud. Here are a few very important lessons we learned while stuck in the lockdown during the pandemic:    

Being With Your People is Real Happiness 

A lot of people have stuck away from their family and friends for a really long time and it’s when we realized how much we need those people in our lives. We are all so busy with making something of our lives we tend to forget about our loved ones until the moments we need them, how many times did it happen that you ignored a call from your mother because you were too busy? But when lockdown hit us and suddenly a pause was hit on our lives we realized we’re missing out on so much with people that actually matter to us. 

So, that’s among the very important lessons which we learned during the lockdown, to always make time for our loved ones and make more efforts than just staying connected on social media.  

Expressing Gratitude Is Important 

There are so many people we didn’t think about twice before the lockdown, for example, the essential workers, our domestic helpers, etc, but when lockdown hit us we truly understood their importance in our lives and how much they support our regular livelihoods. 

We should always remember to be thankful, and kind towards all these people who couldn’t stop working even though a pandemic because the world depended on them, and like how we learned to express our gratitude more towards them during the lockdown by simply saying a thank you to them, is something we should never forget and take forward with us even when the life goes back to complete normally. 

Understanding Mental Health Of Family Members 

Our society is progressing in many ways but the importance of discussing mental health is still not that high up the priority list of people. The subject of mental health has always been left out of the conversation, not out of malice but because it’s still an uncomfortable topic for many to talk about. 

But when the doors were shut down for almost a year and the families had nowhere to escape each other or the topic, we had to open up to each other after a few too many fights we had. 

We’re not saying the solution to make mental health a more important topic of discussion is to force people into it, but spending so much time together did allow us to open up more with our families. 

We Need Fewer Things Than We Think 

This is another one of the very important learnings we took from the lockdown. It’s so much fun to just buy stuff to fulfill our impulses even when we clearly know that we don’t really need it. When lockdown happened and all the services were stopped, and we had no choice but to make do with what we already have, which is when we understood that we already have more than enough. 

We also learned to be more grateful for what we already have when we learned about the people who were unlucky enough to not even have basic essentials that are required for mere survival.  

We’re Stronger Together 

Lockdown brought the whole world closer in a sense. It’s a rare occurrence that the whole world goes through the exact same problem, no doubt a very unfortunate one. We learned that just being there for each other, virtually for most people was so much helpful for so many people. 

As communities were and are still trying to manage the pandemic, we all realized how much of a difference can cooperation make, and it’s a lesson we should carry forward with us through our lives.