According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health is a state of mental well being where a person realises his or her own abilities, is able to deal with the normal stress and troubles of life and can work productively and can contribute positively to his or her community.

It refers to a person’s mental, psychological and emotional well being. A person’s mental health impacts his lives in several spheres. Your mental health can affect your education, career, family and romantic relationships, the probability to be pushed towards crime and substance abuse.

Your health is truly your wealth and without mental health, there is no health at all. Mental illness includes mental disorders and disruptive behavioural pattern that makes it difficult for people to go about their daily routine with ease. Some of the most common and widespread mental illnesses include –

  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disease
  • Anxiety
  • Dementia,
  • Bulimia

Your physical health is linked to your mental health and poor mental health can lead to cardiovascular diseases, sudden weight gain or loss, stress and reduced productivity. People begin to act irresponsibly towards themselves and the people around them when they are going through a mental illness.

They stop eating sensibly, have regular mood swings, give up on exercising, engage in alcohol and drug abuse, unsafe sexual practices and criminal activities. They begin to lose interest in things that once exited them and even find it difficult to perform simple everyday tasks.

Depression is the most common mental illness worldwide, with over 300 million suffering from it worldwide. It can happen to anyone irrespective of their rage, gender, ethnicity, colour or religion and cause severe physical, mental, financial and spiritual trauma to the patient and their loved ones.

People suffering from depression must seek external help from Best Psychotherapist In Pune to help them get out of it in a conscious manner. Some of the reasons why people continue to suffer silently from mental illnesses are –

  1. There is a stigma attached to mental illness, where many people label mental illness victims as ‘mad’ or ‘attention seeking’. They have to suffer rejection and discrimination in the workplace, in relationships and are treated as a burden. People are hesitant to seek medical help from Counsellor in Pune in the fear of being judged.
  2. There is a lack of knowledge around mental illness and some superstitious people believe that ‘evil spirits’ causes it.
  3. Many people do not believe that Psychologist In Pune cannot help them solve their problems. They do not believe in preventive or therapeutic methods and feel that their condition is irreversible or beyond redemption. They do not even trust the medicines given by Therapist In Pune and feel that their condition might worsen.
  4. Unfortunately, physical illness is given much greater importance than mental illness. Many small cities or towns do not have resources in the form of doctors, therapists or even drugs to help treat and prevent mental diseases.
  5. Many parents and relatives feel ashamed or scared of facing social stigma; hence they discourage their children from seeking external help and try solving these issues at home, which ironically makes the condition worse.

There are various reasons why mental illness may take place in the first place. An imbalance in the special chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters causes major symptoms of mental illness. Abnormalities in many genes are linked to mental illness. In some cases, mental illnesses can also be passed down hereditarily. Defects or injuries to the brain have also been seen as a reason for mental illness.

We as a society must make an effort to support and promote mental health. Parents must provide support to children showcasing symptoms of mental illness, rather than trying to shrug it under a carpet. Mental illness is not a phase or an act of seeing attention, but a legitimate illness that requires expert help. Children, adults and elderly people must be encouraged to seek medical help.

Mental illnesses are a long-term problem that requires patience, courage and determination to get over. In these tough times, as family and friends, you must always try to be present and willing to communicate with them. No two illnesses or experiences are the same, and reaching out to someone who is suffering in silence is the best thing you can do.


Your health is in your hands. Mental illness is a problem that can be solved only if the patient is dedicated enough to come out of it. If you are exhibiting signs of depression, anxiety or any other behavioural disorder, fix up an appointment for Hypnotherapy In Pune. Surround yourself with positive people, maintain a healthy diet, take the prescribed medicines on time, exercise regularly and believe that you will heal soon.  Just like your physical well-being, your mental wellbeing is very important as well.