It’s normal to feel nervous or anxious sometimes, we’ve all experienced it when standing outside the HR office before the big interview, or before asking the crush out, but when this nervousness and anxiety is crippling you and interfering in your day to day life, then it’s a more serious issue, and needs to be dealt with. Here are a few tips to put your anxiety to an end: 

Breathe In and Out 

Deep breathing really helps to calm you down, so the easiest thing you can do to get out of feeling anxious or a panic attack is to take deep breaths. There are multiple types of breathing techniques you might have heard about but you don’t have to worry about the countings, all you need to do is focus on your deep breaths. It will calm your mind down, re-center your thoughts, and put an end to your anxiety. 

Stay In Present 

Anxiety is a future-oriented state of mind. When the thoughts about something bad might be coming in the future take control of your mind, you start feeling anxious and panic attacks. Don’t let the thoughts like “what if this happens” take control of your mind. Instead when you feel something like this happening remind yourself of your present state. Ask yourself if you’re safe right at the moment if there’s something that needs to be done immediately, etc, and take charge of your present.  

Put Your Worries Out In The Open 

Like we said before, anxiety is a future-oriented state of mind, so whenever the worrisome thoughts are making you feel anxious, put them all out in the open. Call a friend who you know understands and talk it out with them, or write it all down on a paper. When your thoughts are out in the open, you can clearly assess if it’s something actually to worry about or just a false alarm causing panic. 

Take A Walk

The way to get out of your anxiety is to break the train of thoughts that’s making you feel anxious, and doing the simplest activity that could divert your mind could help. Whenever you’re feeling anxious, just get up and take a walk, or go to your kitchen and have a glass of water. It will divert your mind from the train of thoughts and allow you to calm down.

Talk To A Mental Health Professional 

If the anxiety you’re experiencing is too intense or the panic attacks are very frequent, and these little tips and tricks are not making much of a difference for you, then it could be a sign of a bigger mental health issue, it could be anxiety disorder or depression. In such situations, talking to a professional might be the best way to go. 

We know there’s still a lot of stigma around seeking professional help when it comes to your mental health, but at the end of the day you have to realize that your mental health has to be your priority, and every step you take towards making it better not only makes your life better but also is a step towards removing the stigma.