For Students

The education phase of life is a crucial period where we get equipped with knowledge and skills required to succeed professionally. Personally as well, these are defining years in terms of shaping up our personality and attitude.

Over the last few decades; academics have become highly competitive with parents setting high expectations from their children and curriculum becoming increasingly complex. This has to led to students getting exposed to high levels of stress and performance pressures, resulting in anxiety, fears and other disorders. To ensure that students grow up to having successful lives, parents and children need; guidance on how to navigate the student years in the most meaningful way.

Mind Ocean Wellness addresses students psychological needs through carefully created workshops, training programs and counseling services. These modalities also equip parents with the right methods to handle the demands of academic success better and create a healthy environment for kids to grow up.

We conduct student stress management programs, parent counseling, student counseling and focus improvement programs. Over the last few years we have had a lot of success in the area working with student, parents, schools and higher education institutions.