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“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind”

Mind and behaviour related programs are highly essential to any individual, group or organisation. In todays fast pace world we may experience that there are too many things to handle, lack of time and support which start affecting our health, emotions, personal and professional relationships. The unresolved challenges and emotions start hampering the creativity and productivity of an individual.

Programs are very thoughtfully designed by Dr. Isha Jha who is the founder of Life coaching centre (Mind Ocean). These programs focus on the basics of life and to harness the inner most potential to deal with the challenging situations or emotions.

Why do people behave the way they do?

This is a question which often crosses our MIND

If we dig in a little dipper we will realise that Mind is the most complex (or simple) in another words, most powerful machine on earth and it is a source of all thoughts, emotions and behaviour.

How to understand the mystery of THE MIND, although its not possible to study mind directly but with the help of what we do, say, think, feel and various other factors can help us understand our behaviour and also help us modify them, if required.

According to WHO, health is defined as: a complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. The various challenges that we go through, for e.g. Anger, frustration, fears, anxieties, relationship issues, various emotional and psychological challenges etc. start affecting our emotional health and can adversely affect the physical health as well.

Our training programs mainly focus on self-awareness of the participants by unlocking the true potential of their minds and helping them work effectively and lead a happy, harmonious and stress-free life.

There are various programs that we have to offer on Mind, Human behavior and over all well-being, few of them are mentioned below:

1) Mental Health and Wellness:

This focuses on creating awareness of mental health and teaching them few effective techniques to deal with their challenging emotions

2) You have it all:

The emphasis of this program is to unlock the true potential of the MIND and various techniques to program the subconscious mind for betterment.

3) Write to get Insight:

To use writing as a creative tool to heal the past negativity, this tool can also be used to self-growth.

4) Positive Parenting:

Mainly focuses on the style of parenting and how to bring mindfulness in the same with keeping growth of the child in mind.

5) I and my Relationships:

Ways to create healthy personal and professional relationships. Understanding the personality differences for better communication.

6) Work life balance:

One of the important topics which focus of creating work life balance and focusing on balanced life.

7) Team Building & Leadership:

The focus of this program to create healthy, harmonious team which helps each other grow and a leader with a vision and one who can lead with an example.

8) Travel Light Retreat:

It is a 3 day self awareness program that combines pragmatic learning, mind therapy and mediation practices to create a truly transformative experience for attendees.