It is quite common for any of us to go to our family members or friends for advice when we’re feeling stuck in life. Seeking out a life coach is quite similar, but unlike your friends and family, a life coach will be able to help you analyze the root cause of the problem and create a solution specifically for you that will allow you to overcome the said problem. Read further to know more about life coaching and how life coaches in Pune can help you out.   

Who is a life coach? 

A life coach is a trained wellness professional who helps people realize their full potential to achieve their desired results in life. In simpler words, life coaches help their clients improve their relationships, careers, or any other day-to-day life activities. 

While a lot of people go to friends or family for day-to-day life problems, they are not necessarily trained in how to deal with your problems in a way that will prove to be effective in the long run. Which is where the professionals come into play. A life coach in Pune can help you clarify your goals for life, realize the obstacles that are holding you back, and then come up with a strategy unique to your skills, which will help you overcome the obstacles.      

Who needs life coaching?

Most people who seek a life coach in Pune are those navigating through a major life or career change, but life coaches can help you if you’re just looking to build a happier and more meaningful life in general.  

If you’re still confused about life coaching here are a few of the signs that could indicate the need for a life coach:

  • Feeling stuck in destructive habits
  • High levels of stress or anxiety 
  • Fear of failure 
  • A feeling of dissatisfaction at work
  • Sense of blocked creativity

However, anyone who’s ambitious and looking for guidance to realize their full potential and achieve the goals of their lives can also consult a life coach. You don’t have to fit into a certain category to need a life coach. 

How can a life coach help you?

One of the main benefits of working with a life coach is getting a fresh insight into the roadblocks you’re facing in your life, and how to make your way through them. Additionally, life coaches in Pune can help you identify any negative behaviors or patterns that could be the cause of the said roadblocks. 

A lot of people working with a life coach define their experience as bridging the difference between their current life and the life they would like to lead. Some of the positive outcomes of working with a life coach in Pune could be:

  • Better work/life balance
  • A clarified vision for your future
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Breaking out of negative behaviors
  • Better communication skills 
  • Stronger relationships with loved ones
  • Articulating core values

Is life coaching different from therapy?

The benefits of working with a life coach and a therapist might be overlapping sometimes, but a life coach and a therapist are two distinct professionals. 

While a therapist is a medically trained professional in the field of mental health and helps you heal and recover from health conditions, a life coach helps you identify your future goals and create strategies that could help you achieve them. Even though life coaching can help you release stress, anxiety, or any other unresolved issue, they are not trained to treat mental health disorders of any type.